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Who wants mcmmo?
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Do you want mcmmo plugin?

Yes, I think I would love this plugin!
No, I don't really care.

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11th Apr 2015

So originally we had added mcmmo, it was an older version that we hoped would be compatible with your 1.8 clients.  However we have tested it and it looks like it is not compatible, there are many errors, bug, dupes etc.  This plugin is not a huge addition like the /buy plugin and the /duel plugin however it would make small improvements to your game by allowing to use special powers to mine faster and the higher you level up, the faster mining skills you have.  There were cooldowns so that you could not always use the speed mine and stuff.  There are also many other features like critical hits and about 20 more!  We are almost broke because we have spent so much money on 2.0 but if you guys truly want this plugin you can buy it for us here: ... esources/mcmmo.2445/
That version will be compatible with with your 1.8 clients.  We are also about to buy advertisements which should boost the player base, we may also pay a youtuber to make a video of the server.  The more donations we get the better the chance is we can get this plugin.  Please vote on the poll and we may get the plugin part way through 2.0
- BoomScoom
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14th Apr 2015


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<^--Mr_Sausage88-You Just Delt With Da Man--^>

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14th Apr 2015

I might be able to pay for it, if I make enough money by the time of the reset.

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