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Archie888's staff application
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Joined: 14th Aug 2015
Rank: Helper
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14th Aug 2015

IGN: Archie888

Age: 14 (15 on sept 21st)

How long have you been playing OutrageousPvP: I have not been playing on Outrageous for too long but I feel like I am a very  experienced player and I feel like I have bonded with the Players and many of the Staff. I have had a lot of experience being a staff member on 4 different servers 2 of which were faction servers. 

Why do you want to become a part of the staff team:  I would like to be apart of your Staff team because I believe I could help out the amazing community of this server. I am an active, reliable member and always happy to help. I can spend a lot of time helping out on Outrageous as I'm currently on school vacation. I would never take advantage of Staff commands that I have by using them towards people for something that they did not do or just for the fun of it. I take my job very seriously and don't fool around with these kind of things. I will do my best to answer any questions they have in a way that is understandable to them. I am extremely active and will get on the server at least once every day.

How can you help us as a staff member:
I can help OutrageousPvP in many ways, 1 of which would be the growth of the server, I can help through several different types of social media, for example, YouTube. 2nd of all would be finding hackers, exploiters and glitchers these members would be recorded and reported immediately to a higher member of Staff. I believe I will be a reliable, active long time player. Even without the Staff position currently I try to help out as much as possible. If I were to obtain a staff position here, I would make sure to always try my best and put in all of the effort I can to fix whatever needs fixing.

What would you do if another staff member was being abusive?:
If another Staff member was being abusive I would use many forms evidence, for example I would take screenshots and record this abusive Staff member.

What would you do if a player was spamming an IP address?: If another player of the OutrageousPvP community was spamming an IP address I would perm-mute this player before any more harm could be done.

Thank-you for taking your time to review my application.

Best regards,

Joined: 14th Aug 2015
Rank: Helper
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14th Aug 2015

Had recent complications with my email for forums I fixed it today. (Sorry for the new status on the forums).
Joined: 2nd May 2015
Rank: Administrator
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14th Aug 2015

Outstanding application! It would be great to have you on our team!

Good luck.


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. ~Henry Ford.

Joined: 13th Mar 2015
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15th Aug 2015

They asked how long you were on the server, not "not for a long time" they need an exact date.
Joined: 6th Mar 2015
Rank: Head-Mod
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15th Aug 2015

Wonderful App you will be very good and sensible as a staff member (If They Accept Your App ) 1+

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<^--Mr_Sausage88-You Just Delt With Da Man--^>

Joined: 26th Jun 2015
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27th Aug 2015

Accepted. Welcome to the staff team!
Last Edit: 27th Aug 2015 by Bran123bjw
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