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Builder or Other saff App!
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Should i be Builder?


Joined: 19th Jan 2014
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27th Aug 2015

Well This is a app for builder or other!!

- My name is Maberg456
- im 16
- im a girl
- I have been playing minecraft for 2 years now , and I Love building!
- I have owned 5 servers and admin on 2 and  I have been builder 8 times on servers!
- I build almost Anything u want! I play build battles on servers and I am always in the top 3!
- I am really Respectful to players! I love playing with them and chatting!
- I am Mvp on OutrageousPvp and I am loving it!
- I love the staff! they are nice!
- I have joined Today at 1:32Pm Canadian hour

Thanks for reading! and Thanks for ur patience

For photos ... pvp1440699937b14.png ... pvp1440699937jjk.png ... pvp1440699937zib.png
I have more don't worry! Thanks!
Joined: 27th Aug 2015
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27th Aug 2015

U could put color/spacing to show u have put more effort in ur application
Joined: 26th Jun 2015
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28th Aug 2015

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