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can i be helper or mod
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13th Jun 2015

hi im good at helping and im 13. i love this server and i will do anything for this server. also i enjoy playing on it. and it is really fun to play on. i never had  this mush fun playing on a servers. but this server it is really fun. and i can help people that need help with something and and help making stuff  for the server . also i will still donate to this server and buy from this server still. also im an all the time but sometimes my dad will make me go outside and play. and if you guys need to talk to me so here  is my Skype name juniorjones11 and my pic is a mustang. 

Hi I'm a nice person

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13th Jun 2015

Please Follow The Format That Boom Did

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<^--Mr_Sausage88-You Just Delt With Da Man--^>

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18th Jun 2015


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