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Frankjoseph100 Staff Aplication
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Joined: 20th Mar 2015
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20th Mar 2015

IGN: Frankjoseph100


How long have you been playing OutrageousPvP:  I have been playing OutrageousPvP for a couple of hours now and I have loved every minute of it. Ikbcc recommended this server to me.

Why do you want to become a part of the Staff team:  I would like to become a Staff member because I love helping other players and I love to build magnificent maps/spawns. I will do nothing but try to improve the server and always have a good attitude. I have a lot of experience on being a Staff member because I have co-owned  a PvP Faction Server with ikbcc called TidalPvP. This server was a fairly popular server and most of the time it had 1,000 players online. I like to help people rather than scam and spawn kill players. I feel like the players will like me as I am very mature and passionate. I will try to be on the server and be active in chat as much as I can. Even if I don't get Helper I promise to still help players in chat.

How can you help us as a Staff member:  I can help as a Staff member in many ways. One of which is keeping the chat clean. I will also mute spamers and settle conflicts between players. I myself will never discriminate a fellow Staff member or player and I will try to keep the OutrageousPvP community a safe and healthy environment. I am also a great builder and if I become Helper or any kind of Staff member, I can help build great maps. In ikbcc and I's server, I built great spawns/hubs and all the players loved them. I am very active and I will try to be on the server as much as I can and help out.

What would you do if another Staff member was being abusive:  I would first try to calm the staff member down and settle the conflict. If that doesn't work I would screenshot the abusive comments and post it on the forms.

What would you do if a player was spamming an IP Address: I would first  say to the player to stop spamming, then if they continue I would kick the player. If they come back on and keep spamming I would permanent mute them.

Joined: 22nd Jan 2015
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4th May 2015

You haven't been online since 1.0.

Staff application denied.

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Forum » Forums » Staff Applications Locked
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