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fruitlooptree123's Staff Application
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Joined: 24th Jan 2015
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24th Jan 2015

IGN: fruitlooptree123

Age: 13, but I'm pretty mature for my age.

How long have you been playing OutrageousPvP:
(no minimum)

Only about three hours, but I only heard about it from Pyro and Claudia yesterday so...

Why do you want to become a part of the staff team:
(minimum 100 words) (I used 112)

I would like to become part of the staff team because I would like to help the sever become a great place that people can come to play. I also know most of the staff on the sever from FuriousPvP, and I have known them for a while. Another reason I would like to become staff on your sever is that I have never been staff on a sever before and I want the first time I become staff to be on a sever of someone I semi-know and that isn't just a giant sever that is super popular. I would like to become staff to help out, not to become noticed.

How can you help us as a staff member:
(minimum 100 words) (I used 115)

I can help out by answering questions any players have about commands or the sever in general, and I can make sure that the sever is a fun and safe place for people to play. I can make sure it's a safe place by making sure that no one is offending anyone else and making sure everyone feels welcome. I can also help by doing anything I am asked to do around the sever. I will try to be online helping as much as I can, which will probably be at least a little  bit every day, but some days I can't because of school. I love to help wherever, whenever and however I can.

What would you do if another staff member was being abusive:
(no minimum)

If someone was being abusive, (I hope no one would be), I would tell them to stop, and then report to a higher ranked staff member.

What would you do if a player was spamming an IP address:
(no minimum)

I would first warn the player, but if they continued to spam I would mute/kick them.

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"What a joke." -My Entire Grade 8 Class 2014-2015

Last Edit: 24th Jan 2015 by BoomScoom
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24th Jan 2015

Note:/warn hasn't been yet placed into the server.

Just a helpful tip for you when you are helping!


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Last Edit: 24th Jan 2015 by Claudia
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25th Jan 2015

Application Denied. How ever I am making the server completely public this week and and there is a better chance you will get accepted when there are more people in the server. Apply in 1 week from now and write another magnificent application like this one. Probably will get accepted!
Last Edit: 28th Jan 2015 by BoomScoom
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