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Mod Application By xXGodAtWarXx
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Joined: 17th Aug 2015
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17th Aug 2015

Name: xXGodAtWarXx
Age: 16
Why I Want To Be Mod:
I want to help servers out. I want every server to be Safe.No Hacks no scams no bullies.I just really want every thing peaceful. Im sorry its small Why I want to be mod its just im not good at stories im sorry.
Why I think I would be good mod:
Im Very Loyal And Kind. I have Expierience Mod on mineplex saicopvp admin. Im Very Solid with cases like if somebody was hacking I would be on that for 4 days. I really like helping people im gonna be counseller/Therapist.
Information: I love rugby. Im little bit sensitive. Im Loyal And Kind. I go in naas Secondary school.

                                                            See U Later Im sorry its small But I really hope I could be accepted

Joined: 26th Jun 2015
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17th Aug 2015


1. You just joined the server.
2. Clearly not 16.
3. No detail.
4. No effort at all.
5. Multitude of grammatical errors.
Forum » Forums » Staff Applications Locked
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