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17th Feb 2015



I just connected around 10 minute ago but The forums say you need staff so I thought I would apply.

I want to join the staff team because I am very good at building and seeing errors, plus I have many ideas for a server but I don't know how to make one. I also want to join the team because I know when something is wrong or something bad is happening. Also I an tell easily if someone is hacking or not.

I can make kit pvp and I can help a lot I could make a shop and I will send you the chestshop plug in and I can help with other things like a hub where you can make portals and I can make a arena and parkour. I know this because I did this on my friends server.

I would say please stop because with power comes responsibility. Also if he did not stop I would take a screenshot and report him immediately.

 I would warn the person first and then I will warn again then I mute for one minute and if he wont stop anymore I would kick him then report

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17th Feb 2015

Please meet the word requirement before denial.

(Two Questions with requirements down below.)

Why do you want to become a part of the staff team:
(minimum 100 words) (Used: 63)

How can you help us as a staff member:
(minimum 100 words) (Used: 59)

Note: Spamming an Ip address results in a perm mute.
Also, this server is a FACTIONS server only, You making kit pvp won't be required.

Best of Luck,

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22nd Mar 2015

Inactive, denied.
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