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2nd Mar 2015

IGN: GoAwayUrNotLoved

Age: 14

How long have i been playing OutRageousPvP? 
I've been playing for about a couple months i believe.

Why do i want to be apart of the staff team?
I would want to be a part of the staff team because i love this server so far and i love watching small servers grow into larger servers. I love faction server and I would be a really kind staff member if this were to be accepted. I would also love to be a part of the staff team because i could help in many different ways. I know a lot of commands for different plugins. If i don't know how it works i could learn how to do it. I also love to help people so i believe being a staff member would help me achieve more then what i do now.

How can i help you by staff?
I could help you as a staff member because i could be very useful as a staff member, I know the roles as a staff member and i could learn different plugins pretty quick if i put my mind to it. Also i could help with all different kinds of buildings for the server i could help with a shop or even create new pvp arenas for people to have fun in. I also love Parkour so i could create new parkour areas for you also. Another good reason is because i am very friendly to new players. I welcome them and see if they need any help with the roles that we have here in our server. And if people need help with the server you wouldn't need to be the first person to go to. Unless its a question i can't ask. I am also very active on the server whenever i am able to.

What would i do if another staff member was abusing his powers?
I would tell them to stop and if they keep doing it i would take away their privlages as a staff member with your permission. 

What would i do if a player was spamming a IP address?
I would ban them from the server.

Any other questions for me? Just message me in the minecraft or skype me.
Skype: Live:KazutoKiito_1
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2nd Mar 2015

Please follow the format that BoomScoom has posted.

Remember to meet the word requirements!

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5th Mar 2015

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