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Staff App. -Animealice101
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Joined: 14th Oct 2014
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18th Apr 2015

IGN: Animealice101 

Age: 16 

How long have you been playing OutrageousPvP: 

3-4 Months, near 5.

Why do you want to become a part of the staff team: 

A lot of the servers I have been apart of staff on, have either gone bankrupt, or have literally shut down without any reason what so ever. I am looking for a steady server to which I can devote my time too and have a fun time doing it. I am a reliable person (as I've gotten Admin+ ranks all of the time due to my devotion and attitude) and I will do anything if asked to do so (if it is within my range of power). I'm an easy person to get along with and I think I'd be a great addition. ^^''

How can you help us as a staff member: 

I have building expierience (mainly houses and interior design, l earning how to manage larger structure and better exterior detail), as well as being in a place of power beforehand. I have been staff on 2 servers, sadly both shut down, one as Admin and one as Head-Admin, building and setting up things such as shop, spawners and things for player to enjoy, such as fun game-hosting events and competitions. On my free time I often like to build, regardless of the time or type, so if I get to do some productive for the server, I'd do it (I'm known to take my time on building, the most time I've ever spent building something was 24+ hours).

What would you do if another staff member was being abusive?: 

If anything, I would screenshot the said messages or sayings and report it. I wouldn't verbally say something without proof/evidence.

What would you do if a player was spamming an IP address?: 

Automatic Mute.
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18th Apr 2015

Great App! Once I see everything is running smooth and you have kept active I think you will make a great addition to the team!
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