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Staff Application/ AdvancedCore
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Joined: 19th Mar 2015
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19th Mar 2015

IGN: AdvancedCore


How long have you been playing OutrageousPvP:
(no minimum) a couple days

Why do you want to become a part of the staff team:
(minimum 100 words) I want to become one of the staff team because If i make it i will try to stay on or be on the server to help people out and prevent people from hacking or abusing. Also i would want people to not put IP in the chat such as for example.

How can you help us as a staff member:
(minimum 100 words) by preventing spam, scam and hacking also people trying to get people to join other servers

What would you do if another staff member was being abusive?:
(no minimum) what i would do is report to the forums immediatly or a higher ranking then me such as the owner head-mod admin or another staff member so we can discuss about it and ban / tempban or anything of that source

What would you do if a player was spamming an IP address?:
(no minimum) i would tempban/ban or mute if you dont want that person to leave the server. mute for lifetime if possible but he could also buy a unban for unmute and not spam ever again

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Joined: 7th Feb 2015
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26th Apr 2015

Denied, failed to meet word requirement.

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"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." -Charles M. Schulz

Forum » Forums » Staff Applications Locked
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