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Staff Application!
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22nd May 2015




How long have you been playing OutrageousPvP - Ive playing since 3 weeks ago!


Why do I want to be on the staff team -  I want to become a staff because i love the server alot! Plus the STAFF their nice they do their job right and i think if i become on the STAFF team i could be a great STAFF like help people if their lost or new to the server.. Or if they need help with makeing an house or need goods! Ill be their for them and also i love being an HELPER because for me helper is the best one because you can help people with problems that they have and more! Plus! I love the server alot and its one of the best servers i ever played! 

How can you help us as a staff member - I could help with lots of things like make the server better by inviting all my friends, and  helping people with their question or if they need goods i can hand some over to them. I can also help the server by stopping hackers modders and any glitches that are on the server!Plus i can help the STAFF with things that they need like make them a base or give swords or diamonds and also i can fix bugs on the server and even ask an ADMIN to add some new plugins to the server to make it an awesome SERVER!

If a staff is being abusive i would tell an admin and report him or try to use as much as my staff power to stop him!So i can save the server from any damage!


If a player is spamming an IP i would warn them if they keep doing it i would mute them FOR SPAM!Or if anybody is spaming anything i will tell them to please stop if they dont ill give them one more chance and ill mute them if it keeps going on!And if it keeps going on ill report him to a ADMIN.  


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23rd May 2015

Very Good Application.Word requirements and format is met. Although I would like to see you on a little more. Nevertheless Good Luck! +1

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. ~Henry Ford.

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23rd May 2015

Staff Application pending upon request of  @Claudia  
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26th May 2015

Application accepted.

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