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25th Apr 2015

Staff Application Tips!

1) Be active.  Don't be active for a day.  We want to see you active in-game for multiple days and commenting on forum posts.

2) Vote and donate to help the server, we mainly accept donors to the team because it shows they really will stick with us but that doesn't mean you won't get accepted if your a non-donor.

3) Help players, welcome players and be friendly.  Saying in chat something like "Hey anyone need help?  Feel free to message me if so!" will help your chances of becoming staff.

4) Don't swear and act mature.  The more mature you are the better the chance your application will get accepted.

5) Catch hackers and report bugs and players that you think are breaking rules.  That shows that you are ready to be a staff member!

Good Luck to all applicants!

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