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12th Jul 2015

Hi my name is Adrian or Kobe and i am 13 yrs old im trying to get a spot in Helper/Mod I dont mind which postion i get into as long as i can still play on the server. I dont mind helping out others thats why i think i would be a good mod and i have been a Mod and a Helper on a differnt server. If i do get  Mod or Helper i think it would help out the server ALOT!.  I can play basicly all day if i wanted to but i take breaks here and there. I also do YT and im going to start streamig . So i think it will be awsome to be a Mod or Helper in my series on this server. If i dont get Mod or Helper i am still going to continue my series and try to help out people as a basic member. To all who have took there time to read this Ty  and this has been Kobe and im out HomieGSlice

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12th Jul 2015

I'm sorry Kobe but please follow the format. Right now you are looking on you're application a deny because you did not show what we wanted from you. @KobePvP
The format is here - http://www.outrageouspvp. ... plication-format-xhx

You also had multiple grammar issue's like as i *I* or you stated I dont mind *don't* I don't mind it but if you're gonna become a staff you need good grammar and I have bad grammar to and it's true ask ItsBran G1 ikbcc but I fixed it.


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12th Jul 2015

Lack of grammar and negative attitude in-game. You're also a racist, racism isn't tolerated in-game.
Application: Denied.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. ~Henry Ford.

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