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I'm Soo sorrry just hear me out!
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25th Apr 2015

Hello it's me Taylor5273 recently I have been banned for hacking and yes I was but just here me out PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU.... So that server was the first server I have ever did a hack but i kept glitching so I decided to turn on my hacks just for two minutes to fly up this piller i had nothing left an I couldn't block up I know I did hack but I'm just human and everyone makes a mistake. now I have learned from my mistake so please just give me one more chance I have deleted all my hacks and want to start over

 O and since you guys denied my last app I'll have to redo my app but I guess that's fair. Just please give me a chance haven't you ever asked for second chances? Please and p.s Why else would I work so hard ?
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Last Edit: 25th Apr 2015 by Taylor5273
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25th Apr 2015

Yes you can make another app and you have been unbanned
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