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Adding a plugin to enhance Player versus Player.
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Would you like to see ArcadeCombat on outrageouspvp?

I've been waiting a long time for this *sharpens blade* (Yes)
Yes but only because you're such a smooth talker. (Yes)
Apathetic (Doesn't matter to you whether it is implemented or not)
No, it's too complicated. (No)
No, I have an irrational hatred of thinking. (No)
No I hate you and your family. Plez die. (No)

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25th Apr 2015


Hello everyone, I'm here to talk to you about adding a new plugin on the server after reading this you should enter your vote on the poll. 

BACKSTORY(optional reading)

Let me start off by saying I've been a factions PvP player since 2012 now. That's 3 years of Minecraft PvP. It always felt lackluster to me though. The reality of it is, Minecraft's PvP has no (or very little) skill involved. By skill I mean tactics. Minecraft's PvP relies more or less on gear. While I used to think I was  top dog PvPer I slowly began to understand that Minecraft isn't about who is actually outplaying it's about who is outPAYING their opponent. There's also the ping that goes in to play. As Minecraft heavily rewards the player who gets the first hit and leads in to a combo having a lower ping is essential. This means that essentially the better your internet, and the more money you have the easier PvP is going to be for you. Man this is beginning to sound like a game for the rich! The solution:

make the game more focused on the skill of the combatant (yes you person behind the keyboard) and less on their character's skill (MCMMO I'm looking at you -.-). To do this I started out by having an idea to have a plugin designed like Chivalry:Medieval Warfare. It's a popular indie game on steam. However, this plugin called meleemastery didn't turn out so hot because it pushed Minecraft's mechanics too far and became way overly clunky. In 2014 I started from scratch again with my idea. This time how about we try to just make the vanilla mechanics flow with the system rather than replace them? Thus, ArcadeCombat was born.

How it Works

ArcadeCombat works by adding in some very core concepts to combat. The first of which is defense. In vanilla combat (or MCMMO) blocking is what gets you killed! I think good gameplay should favor a mixture of both offense and defense rather than simply left clicking as hard as you can. 

Block (Right - Click):

Blocks 80% of an attacks damage.

Negates potion effects (fire aspect for example).

Reduces Knockback.

The block gets weaker every time it gets hit so don't just turtle or you'll soon be taking full damage from each swing!


The first swing you block (the one that you block for 80%) gives you strength II for a few seconds so that you can riposte on your enemy. This means that even if he continues to spam you will be doing more damage than he is.


Jumping backwards while having dodge enabled will cause you to leap back out of harms way.

It is exceptionally useful for dodging an opponent's riposte. Be wary though you can't just spam it as it's on a cooldown.

ArcadeCombat doesn't just add in new defensive capabilities though, I said gameplay should favor a mixture so here are the changes to offense.

Heavy-attack(jump + run + attack):

The heavy attack primarily is used for breaking blocks. It does + 25% normal damage and ignores an opponent's block. It can only be used once before going on cooldown though. It also does more damage during collisions.


If both you and your opponent swing at the same time your weapons will collide causing sparks and a little damage to each of you.

Weapon changes:

Both swords and axes now do more damage than vanilla by default. This means people will die quicker so there's very intense and brutal fights. Axes do more damage than swords but cost more hunger to use. Swords do less damage than axes but cost less hunger to use.

Extra Details:

Every swing costs hunger to use now. If you run out of hunger you're considered out of energy. Always bring food to a fight! If you hit an enemy for over 6 damage in a single swing you'll cause them to bleed. To cure bleeding bandages are useful.

That summarizes most of what everyone needs to know. If you want to watch some gameplay of it here is a quick video done by the developer of the plugin:  

Thanks for reading!

Please take the poll (Yes) = In favor of the plugin (No) = Not in favor and leave why or why not in the comments !

P.S. If the plugin does make it on I can't wait to see some youtube PvP recorded and how different people developed different fighting styles and strategies. Entire factions could even become like olden armies with formations and tactics. The possibilities are endless ;D


You may have to be a registered forum member to vote for this I'm not entirely sure but that's my best guess.

Also here's a link to the plugin page on bukkit ---- ... lugins/arcadecombat/

Nearly everything in this plugin is configurable so balance shouldn't be an issue as the community could voice what is overpowered.

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Last Edit: 25th Apr 2015 by Helrin2
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25th Apr 2015

Now that I understand it a bit better I could see us potentially adding a few of the features of that plugin but not all. But this wont happen until everything is fully functional.
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25th Apr 2015

I assume you mean fully functional on the server. The plugin is fully functional itself. What parts don't you like? 

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14th May 2015

Well I don't like the idea.

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