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Mac's slang for staff apps!
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Joined: 22nd Jan 2015
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26th Feb 2015

So you want to know if what I commented on your app was good?

Learn my slang and be prepared !!!

Going from greatest to least

1st: Loving it {10/10}& 100+!

2nd:Good App! {9/10}

3rd: I have seen you on the sever often {8/10}

4th: Ok app {6/10}

5th: Decent{4/10}

6th: Ehhh? {3/10}

7th: Are you in kinder garten? {2/10}

8th: No effort whats so ever {1/10}

9th: My cats application was better than this {0/10}

10th: You are a joke. -100000000000000000

!You will most likely never end up seeing 7th and below!

We respect all applications but we do not appreciate people who take 2 minutes to write their application, We take our time to read them.

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Last Edit: 27th Feb 2015 by Mac
Joined: 22nd Jan 2015
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27th Feb 2015

True that.


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Joined: 22nd Feb 2015
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5th Mar 2015

Sweet, now I know what you ment on my staff application xD
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