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[Lifetime] Premium and x5 Mystery Crate giveaway
4:07 PM Thu 10th Sep 2015 - 4:07 PM Thu 10th Sep 2015(GMT/UTC -8.0)
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TNTexplosies is giving away a Premium and 5 Mystery Crates.

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11th Sep 2015
The giveaway was cancelled because the're were to least people online so the're will be a second try for this giveaway at 13 september at 8P.M. (London time: +/- 0)
5th Sep 2015
I would like to attend this giveaway.
5th Sep 2015
Anonymous, stop trolling, spamming and breaking the rules.
5th Sep 2015
Please restrain from doing this giveaway or there will be consequences.
5th Sep 2015
Im giving it away at 8 P.M. (London Time which is +/- 0)
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