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Reset Soon!
AdminBoomScoom 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Apr 2015
Hello!  Today I am bringing you the news you have all been waiting for!  A reset will occur with in the next few weeks.  This reset will bring you new features and major improvements.  I will be making a post in the next week or so regarding more about the reset.  This reset is called "OutrageousPvP 2.0" because this is the second "map".  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this reset please post them, however the post that I will be making with in the upcoming week or so should answer them.

P.S We are incredibly sorry that the normal IP "" isn't working and we are still stumped on the error.  This is being reviewed by an administrator who we have purchased the IP from.

Kind regards,

2nd Apr 2015 Head-ModMr_Sausage88
2nd Apr 2015 AdminClaudia
*fangirls* AHHH
2nd Apr 2015 Head-ModMr_Sausage88
Oooh That sounds interesting Outrageous Pvp 2.0 Can Not WAIT!!!!!
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