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OutrageousPvP 2.0 reset date!
AdminBoomScoom 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th Apr 2015
OutrageousPvP 2.0

We are proud to bring you OutrageousPvP 2.0 on April 18th at 10:00 AM!  You can watch a live countdown here: ... eouspvp20 I will now explain the new features of the reset!

First off for those who do not know what a reset is it a wipe of the server.  If you are wondering why we do this, that is because after time passes people get too OP the warps get full of buildings and more. 

Whats going to reset?

Everything is going to reset, your base, your homes, vault, enderchest, inventory and anything else like that.
Whats not going to reset?

Your rank will not reset however if you were to buy crates from the store or something like a spawner, that will reset.  However if you bought homes they would not reset so you will still have your homes if you purchased them.  But you will not be able to go to your base with the homes because it has been reset so you will have to reset your homes.

New Map

We have a new map along with new warps as well.  The 2.0 map is an easier design so you can get into PvP more quickly with out going up these stairs or waiting to teleport to the PvP warp.  The size of the PvP area is 262 blocks long.  You may think this is small however this is pretty big when you see it and a lot bigger than last map's size.

Whats changed?

As you may have figured out or may not have but last map was kind of strange.  I messed up something when I first set the warp wild.  Because you can build bases either by running far out of PvP or go to warp wild.  Well what I realized half way through the map is that warp wild was a completely different world than the PvP world.  So if someone were to build a base far out of PvP and you were to look for it in warp wild, you would never find it.  Well we are happy to say that now you can find bases in warp wild because warp wild will be in the same world as the PvP world!

What been added?

This map we have added some new features and I will now explain what they are.

The first new plugin we have added is a duel plugin.  You can simply find out more commands by typing /duel help in-game when the reset occurs but I will go over the basics of the plugin.  This plugin is a "private 1v1 duel" you can simply type /duel <playername> and the opponent can type /duel accept <playername> this plugin also has a wager system which is like betting.  You can simply type /duel <playername> <wager> and the opponent can type /duel accept <playername> however the opponent won't have to specify the wager when he is accepting the duel, he is pretty much agreeing to it when he accepts the request just like a non wager duel.  There are also many other commands with that plugin and you can type /duel help in-game when the reset occurs.  The second big addition is a shop plugin, this plugin you can simply type /buy and a GUI will come up with blocks and other items that shows a price underneath the item.  You can also type /buy <itemname> <amount of item> EX: /buy diamondblock 3 you can buy items from the shop by typing the item name or using the item "id" you can find a list here: http://minecraft-ids.grah ... I would recommend buying stuff from the GUI first so that you know the names of the item when buying them like if you were to buy a log like an acacia log you would type the id of it or the name which is "log2" there are a few items like that but most are the actual names.  Also there are know spaces in the words so like if you wanted to buy a Yellow stained clay you would type it all as one word like Yellowstainedclay.  Those are the main new plugins however there may be a mcmmo plugin added.  If you find any bugs with these new plugins please report them and you will get a reward.

Whats new for staff?

There is now a staff chat for rank Helper and up, you can use the chat by typing /hc <message> that will send a private message to anyone with the rank helper+.

Whats been removed?

We are debating on removing mystery crates because they are extremely OP but know final decision has been made yet.  Before you could purchase benefits for you in-game by typing /buy but this has been changed to /ranks or /purchase due to the Shop plugin.

The warp shop has also been removed because of the new /buy plugin.  We have fixed a few small bugs and lag issues but I will name one of them.  Before you would drink a potion of invisibility and run into PvP and think your invisible but people could still see your name tag, this bug has been fixed.

Small plugins added.

There have been a few small plugins added like particle effects for donators only, you can use the effects via /ef  I will reveiw all of the new small plugins add on the day of the reset.

The reset will occur on April 18th at 10:00 AM PST

This is all I can think of for now but there are other small things that have been added.  I may edit this post if there is any some what big I left out.  Once again please report any bugs with this map and plugins.


OutrageousPvP Administrator Team 

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