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Free Ranks for 24 hours!
AdminBoomScoom 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th Jul 2015
What is this?

This will happen on July 9th!  

You will be given 12 hours to try out the Donor ranks!  

How can you get this?   
You can use /cra rankup <rankname> <YourUsername>  

This will expire 12 hours later.  
To change ranks, simply type /rank <rankname> again!  

If you are a current donor and are considering a rank upgrade and try out a rank upgrade, simply type  /cra rankup <rankname> <YourUsername>  but after the 12 hours it will automatically set you back to rank "Member".  Please let us know and you will receive your already purchased Donor rank!  

Have fun trying out all the ranks!  

P.S You will receive all the perks in the ranks for example, the kits, commands etc.  However when it expires you will not.  You will keep the kits you used during the 12 hour period.

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